How to Get Longer Eyelashes Naturally – A Comprehensive Guide

When your guy has longer, thicker lashes than you, don't you simply despise it? Or when you see a female with naturally thick lashes who doesn't require mascara every day? Your heart begs the question, "Why is life so unfair?" In addition to looking stunning, long lashes quickly improve your appearance and draw attention to your best features.

Some women are fortunate enough to be born with long, lush eyelashes, while others must use false eyelashes, many layers of mascara, lash extensions, and other cosmetic techniques to amplify their lashes. They refuse to live with short, lifeless lashes, even though they do everything under the sun. 

We're happy to inform you that you can genuinely grow eyelashes if you've been living your life believing there's nothing you can do about the natural length and volume of your lashes. No, this is not a joke. You may show off your lashes by using natural methods to thicken and grow them out. And some of these are made with items from your kitchen. It's not so far-fetched to be batting those bomb eyelashes anymore! This is all the information you need about how to get longer eyelashes naturally:

Why are your eyelashes shedding?

We have all searched for how to get your eyelashes longer naturally. But have you ever thought of the reason behind it? Aging is a common reason for thinning eyelashes, however, there are other factors as well. Like your hair, your eyelashes will naturally thin as you age. Genetics, inadequate diet, and some drugs are other factors. There are a number of reasons why your eyelashes might be coming out. Let’s help you understand the shedding issue and offer some magical home remedies before you go for Lash lift treatment:

  • Growing older: This is the most typical cause of eyelash loss in both men and women.

  • Menopause: A decrease in estrogen levels during menopause may cause thin lashes because estrogen is crucial for the synthesis of collagen, which is necessary for keeping healthy skin and hair.

  • Hormonal imbalances: Hair loss and skin damage may arise from an excess of thyroid hormone.

  • Using rough touch with your lashes eliminates eye makeup and giving your lashes a good scrub.

  • Allergy response, especially to cosmetics for the eyes

  • Applying eyelash extensions: Chemicals that might irritate or damage people are present in the glues used to adhere to the artificial lashes. You could feel burning, redness, or inflammation in your eyelids as a result of this chemical reaction, which might cause your lashes to come out.

How to get longer eyelashes naturally?

These all-natural methods can help you with your search for how to get long and thick eyelashes naturally.

Castor oil

Are you looking for how to get long eyelashes naturally fast at home? In the realm of cosmetics, castor oil is the most reliable method. Many people have been using this beauty elixir for their everyday skincare and hair care routine since it works wonders for everything from sunburns and wrinkles to avoiding premature greying and dandruff. The fact that it effectively promotes hair growth is only one of its numerous advantages. Compared to other ingredients, it is the fastest treatment for promoting hair growth, yielding effects five times faster.

Green tea

Green tea, an item that has gained so much popularity due to its many health and cosmetic advantages, also offers additional advantages for you. It has been demonstrated that consuming and applying green tea may effectively promote hair development and enhance hair health. Green tea contains flavonoids and a polyphenol known as epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which enhances both the length and volume of your lashes. Regularly consuming green tea or putting it on the lashes both have significant effects. 

Olive oil

Want to know what makes your eyelashes grow faster? A really useful method for getting lashes that defy gravity is plain old olive oil. Packed with vital fatty acids, the substance helps to prevent lash loss and promote hair development. Yes, it is capable of more than just giving you a gorgeous mane and perfect skin. It's an easy fix to get your lash game back on track. Apply the extra virgin olive oil on your lashes using a cotton swab dipped in it. It makes your eyelashes longer and thicker than before, strengthens hair follicles, and moisturizes the region. Read more here.

Petroleum jelly

Are you thinking about does vaseline help lashes grow or not? Vaseline petroleum jelly helps to promote the quick development of lash hair by conditioning and moisturizing the lash lines. Additionally, putting petroleum jelly on the lids keeps the skin supple and moisturized, which benefits the lashes' general health. Apply some Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to a clean mascara wand. For optimal effects, run it along your upper and lower lashes each day. 

Vitamin E oil

Applying vitamin E oil to the lashes is a tried-and-true way to promote growth. Celebrities that use this secret substance to lengthen their lashes and thicken their brows include the Kardashian sisters. It is a potent tonic that strengthens and stops the lashes from shedding in addition to promoting hair growth. By using this oil to gently massage the eyelids, you can achieve fuller lashes.


Although growing your lashes might be difficult, the results will be well worth the effort. You must continue to be consistent if you want to get the most out of your efforts. You'll be well on your way to getting the lashes you need and desire if you do your homework and try out various oils and techniques. We hope that these how to get longer eyelashes naturally are useful and help you get the desired looks!

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