Everything You Need To Know About Lash Lift Treatment

A lash lift is one of the latest beauty trends nowadays women are crazy about. And why not? It’s a great way to give your eyelashes a perfect lift. The treatment is gaining more and more popularity due to being a low-maintenance process that gives long-lasting lash perm. Let us explain the lash lift treatment in detail by answering some of your frequently asked questions about the same.

What is Lash Lift and How It Works?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment also known as eyelash perming. In this treatment, Silicon pads are used to achieve lash curls. Silicon pads are placed on your eyelids. Your natural lashes then curled over and attached to the silicon pads with using adhesive to create a curl. Once the lashes are stick with pads correctly and separated, a perming solution is applied on lashes to mold lashes around silicon pads. This solution sits on your lashes from 10 to 15 minutes. When to take the solution off is depends on the thickness of the client’s hairs. After this, the perm solution is gently wiped aways using cotton. The neutralizer solution is then applied using a small brush for 5 minutes. Neutralizer must not be applied to the lash tips. After removing the neutralizer, a wet cotton pad is used to lift lashes from the silicon pad. The silicon pads remove very easily without any pain. After that, your lashes tinted with the help of lash tint, a blue-black dye and this is the last step of eyelash lift treatment.

Is Lash Lift Procedure Painful?

Lash lift treatment is completely painless. During the entire procedure, you keep your eyes close. This treatment is so relaxing that some of the clients end up falling asleep.

Is The Treatment Safe?

The answer is –Yes. Absolutely! This is a safe treatment that doesn’t damage your natural lashes. You can do this at home but it’s better to go to a skilled professional to achieve the best outcome. The procedure takes a maximum of one hour and gives instant results.

How Long Do Lash Lifts Last?

Each eyelash lift treatment result lasts six to 8 weeks, depending on how fast your eyelashes grow. You can wear eyelash mascara, after 24 hours of getting the treatment. However, if you want to skip wearing mascara you can, the lash lift results will still visible.

The best part about the lash treatment is that you do not need any maintenance appointments but there are also so some situations in which your lashes can drop the lift such as in swimming pool or using heat or harsh products. After 4 weeks of initial treatment, you can go for the treatment again in case, you find that your lash lift doesn’t last.

I hope after reading this, you have no doubts related to the lash lift treatment which is a truly amazing alternative of eyelash extensions or fake lashes. Moreover, it’s a quick and cost-effective way to get your lash perfectly lifted. So women, say goodbye to Lash extensions, ditch your curler and go for Lash Lift!

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