Why A White Smile Should Also Be A Healthy Smile


Like the rest of your body, your mouth also has some bacteria and most of them are harmless, but not all. Your mouth provides an entry point to your respiratory and digestive system, this is why you should not only focus on teeth whitening. A healthy white smile should always be the aim.

 Brushing and flossing every day keep infectious bacteria from spreading. However, some extra care is also needed for perfect oral hygiene. Allowing infectious bacteria to stay inside your mouth will never let you have a healthy white smile.
 Here’s what can happen if you are not careful with your oral health along with prevention measures. These tips and tricks can help in teeth whitening along with getting a healthy smile.

Diseases Caused by Poor Oral Health

Some diseases are directly caused by having poor oral hygiene. These diseases include: 


  • It's an infection of the heart’s chamber that contributes to bad health. It’s mainly caused when the germs and harmful infectious bacteria from the mouth enter your bloodstream. Proper oral hygiene with a healthy white smile can prevent this disease. 

Cardiac diseases

  • Although there is no direct connection between poor oral hygiene and cardiac disease. Some research suggests that infection in arteries and clogging might be caused by oral bacteria.  

Complications with Pregnancy 

  • Bad oral hygiene can lead to Periodontitis, a severe tooth infection. If left untreated, Periodontitis can lead to complications in pregnancy and even lead to premature birth. 

7 Tips for a Healthy White Smile

Once you’ve achieved beautiful white teeth by either going to a dentist for Hollywood smile design creation or some other gel treatment, it's important to retain that teeth whitening. Imagine having white teeth with a bad odor coming from your mouth. The first whiff of bad odor will surely make anyone run away from you.
Here are 7 simple and easy to do things to prevent staining and for maintaining a healthy white smile.

 Save Your Enamel

The most common cause of tooth becoming pale yellow in color is when your tooth enamel starts thinning. Enamel is the hardest tissue of your body, even then strong acids in wine and hard candies can destroy it. 

Dentine is a pale yellowish colored layer of the tooth. When your enamel starts depleting then your dentine layers start showing up. Good oral hygiene along with a Hollywood smile design creation treatment can give you a healthy white smile.

 Add ‘Detergent’ Foods to Your Diet

You must’ve been surprised by the name detergent foods, they sound more like some washing powder that is meant for cleaning purposes. In fact, there are some foods that act as detergents for cleaning teeth. Foods like apples that are firm and crisp (also called natural toothbrush) can help you maintain good oral hygiene for tooth whitening.

Carrots and popcorns are good detergent foods that should be added to your diet. For best results, these foods should be the final food you eat before going to bed. These are also good for minimizing tooth staining after consuming wine, black tea, or coffee.  

 Avoid Foods that Cause Staining

Foods like wine, black tea, and cigarettes are the main culprits that cause staining. These foods are consumed more often as compared to others. If you keep on using these without maintaining good oral hygiene, you will most probably end up having not so pearly white teeth.
You will lose your teeth whitening and may also suffer from a bad odor problem, which can be embarrassing. Brushing immediately after having black tea, red wine, white wine, all sorts of berries, and pomegranates juices can help prevent staining.

 Use More Water

Drink as much water as you can, water is best for getting healthy white teeth. It balances the overall pH value of your saliva and balances the acidic content that may harm the enamel. Washing away the harmful bacteria and pigments also prevents tooth staining. 

 Use a Mouth Wash

Using mouthwash to rinse your mouth is not as difficult as brushing. You can use a mouthwash anywhere, any time to prevent tooth staining. Rinsing your mouth with a mouth wash after using brushing can help you get rid of harmful bacteria. With regular use, you may also get rid of the pale yellow layer to have pearly white teeth.

 Quit Smoking

Giving up on smoking and tobacco chewing habits is in the best interests of having a beautiful white smile. In addition to tooth staining and bad odor, tobacco chewing and smoking can cause serious harm to your health. You can even harm your children and other people around you with passive smoking.

 Gargle with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many advantages, one of its benefits is to remove tooth stains. Gargling with apple cider vinegar in the morning before brushing can help remove stains and kill harmful bacteria for lasting teeth whitening effects. This also ensures healthy gums and teeth.

 Final Verdict

White teeth that are not healthy are never desirable. If you don't focus on your oral health or hygiene your teeth will also become yellowish in no time. Focusing on maintaining good oral health will automatically ensure a healthy white smile. 

Daily maintenance of good oral hygiene is the key to getting a healthy pearly white smile. Stop smoking, brush twice daily, floss, and rinse every morning for the best teeth whitening.

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