Best Foods For Healthy Skin And Their Benefits

As somewhere we all know that cosmetic products can only give us temporary glow on our faces. So how we can get long-lasting healthy and glowing skin? And the answer is “Healthy Skin Diet”. So rather wasting so much money on cosmetic products, it better to pay attention to what we eat. 

Just like other body organs, our skin also demands nourishment to look at its best. Healthy Skin Diet is what brings beauty from within i.e. glowing, vibrant, and younger-looking skin.

Let's Discuss Some Best Food for Healthy Skin:

Avocado - A very popular fruit with lots of benefits for the skin. This creamy fruit contains a healthy kind of fat that does wonders for your skin. The natural oils found in Avocado hydrate and nourish your skin from within. The fatty acids that Avocado contains make your skin supple and soft. Avocados are very rich in antioxidants like vitamin C, E and Lutein which have anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties and these are very useful in managing acne.

Walnut- Eating walnut is a great way to moisturize your skin. The nutty, crunchy walnut is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. The high level of omega 3 fatty acids is very beneficial to our skin. Omega 3 acids have anti-inflammatory properties. Regular intake of a handful of walnut can boot vitamin B and give a beautiful and healthy skin by age-related fine lines and wrinkles far away from you.

Tomatoes: Eating Tomatoes are the most cost-effective way to make your skin radiative. Tomatoes are great source antioxidant lycopene, the substance associated with the deep red colour of tomatoes, protects your skin against sun damage. Tomatoes also contain a high amount of vitamin C that helps treat acne and oily skin, achieving even skin tone and a healthy glow.

Carrots: Carrots are praised for their contribution to healthy skin and complexion. Carrots are high in Beta carotene which is a powerful anti antioxidant and gets converted into vitamin A once ingested. Beta- carotene helps to repair the dead skin cells, protects against harmful bacteria on the skin and also shields the skin from harmful sun rays. Also, consuming carrot juice daily fastens the wound healing process.

Sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are a naturally delicious food that boosts your skin. Sweet potatoes are packed with antioxidant Beta carotene which converts into vitamin A in your body and increases healthy skin cell production. Beta carotene keeps your skin healthy by preventing it from harmful sun rays and fight with free radicals that cause skin aging. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of vitamin C and Vitamin E which plays a vital role to keep skin healthy, glowing and supple. Anthocyanins antioxidant also found in sweet potatoes that help in keeping free radical activity in control and prevent skin from blemishes and dark spots.

Cocoa: Chocolate is a weakness of almost everyone. And the good thing about it is that cocoa is an excellent food for your skin. Cocoa contains incredibly strong antioxidants that limit free radical production and keep your skin healthy and younger by reducing the aging signs. It also boosts blood flow in your body and hydration of the skin which in result keeps your skin radiant.

The Bottom Line

Whatever we eat has a big impact on your skin health. The above foods work great for your skin and keep your skin healthier, younger and attractive always. Along with this, don’t forget to drink more and more water as water keep your body toxin-free and keeps your skin hydrated clean.

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