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What Is Acne? – Causes And Home Remedies To Cure Acne

Acne or acne vulgaris is an embarrassing, painful and cosmetic skin disease that is common in the youth but also happens at any age to men and women. The hair follicles in the skin become clogged or plugged with oil and dead skin cells, which causes acne. Acne happens more to people with oily skin and also to those who do not regularly keep their skin clean. It is a genetic and hereditary skin condition most of the time and it is very embarrassing especially for teenagers and young adults who suffer from this condition. It can happen because of hormonal issues and also if people are suffering from hormonal disorders. The following are details about acne:
Details about AcneThe term acne includes all sorts of breakouts in the skin which can make the skin look blemished and also become extremely painful.Acne symptoms or what is of acne include regularly pus-filled pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, large red skin bumps, painful pus-filled lumps, cysts, and just unclear skin. One or two pimp…

The Complete Mediterranean Diet Food List

The Mediterranean diet has a very good reputation and for a good reason. During the last years, it has a greater boom due to its content in healthy fats, by fatty fish that provides a lot of benefits for greater cardiovascular health, hair shine or prettier skin. Our bodies need healthy fats and in today’s society where convenience is more important than health, many people have deficiencies of this type of fat. 

Here is a list of the Mediterranean Diet foods:1. Wheat: Cereal (which means growing) is the basic pillar of Mediterranean food. And if you have to choose one, wheat is undoubtedly the king. Today you can have some bad press for gluten, but if there is no intolerance to this substance it is very healthy food. It is a great source of carbohydrates, a basic nutrient that gives you energy and that you should not do without. The most common is to take it in the form of bread, flour, pasta, batters, although you can also eat the bran and the germ. 
2. Olive oil:  It helps to prevent…

Are You At Risk of Insomnia?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects millions of individuals worldwide. In short, people with insomnia find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. The consequences can be devastating.

Insomnia symptoms may include: • Difficulty falling asleep at night
• Waking up during the night
• Waking up too early
• Daytime tiredness or sleepiness
• Unable to concentrate, focusing on tasks or remembering
• Irritability, anxiety or depression
• Increased errors or accidents
• Ongoing worries about sleep
Types of InsomniaThere are various types of insomnia:
•       Acute Insomnia 
Acute (short-term) insomnia is very common and typically caused by a life event such as stress change at work, receiving bad news, family pressures or travel. Usually, acute insomnia lasts for days or weeks and resolves without any particular treatment.
•       Chronic Insomnia 
It’s a long term insomnia type. It usually lasts for months or longer. Most of the cases of chronic insomnia are secondary i.e. symptoms and sid…